Hamas is Fantastic !

I keep saying;


There would be nothing to support and Iran would have gotten the much needed message.

Hamas announces public executions that will ‘take Gaza past Saudi Arabia’

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  1. Noodles says:

    Sorry Marcel,
    I am so used to downloading the videos to my phone and then listening to them (commercial free) while on security detail on Mt. Scopus that I forget the regular links come with the commercials.
    Otherwise, if you think listening to Steve Quayle & Tom Horn talking about the Antichrist & False Prophet is uninteresting…more power to you !!


  2. what was interesting ?

    The commercials ?

  3. Noodles says:


    I can't really recall which videos you are referring to, but I can try to send you new ones that I find interesting…for instance :


  4. That's why I am so unpopular.

    I lost quite a number of readers from India after I wrote something about the explosion at the pagan Hindu Temple Festival that killed many deceived followers of lies, false gods and deception.
    Sudanese keep coming back, especially when I write about the genocidal crimes against humanity President Omar ,and how the International Community have given him a pass because he is a Muslim, follower of the false prophet, Mohammed.

    Noodles, is there any chance you can send me those youtube links again ?
    I Watched Ari Lessers video "Boycott Israel" you sent me at my old blog years ago.

    It's still a hit after all this time.

  5. Noodles says:

    Of course you're right Marcel, as you almost always invariably are.
    Sometimes I get a little too cute for my own good, but I think you can see right through it.

  6. Better yet to dump the idiot politicians and General's who do not have the commonsense to defeat the enemy and instead watch them grow into an even greater threat as they make stupid excuses for their many failures to erase Hamas.

  7. Noodles says:

    'F' em Marcel, and when I say 'F' em, I mean fuhgeddaboudem.

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