TroubleMakers and Evil Boycott’s

China Calls Obama a Trouble Maker

What I’m seeing lately are the many warnings that the US has been getting from Russia and China, North Korea and Iran, warnings that are all falling on deaf ears.

There is a reason for that. 

God blinds leaders in order to make them stumble and fall when said leaders are an offense to Him.

See Job 12: 24-25

We’ve been seeing this since the beginning of recorded history, and yet proud godless fools never learn from it.

Does anyone doubt that  America of too many idols and this President are an offense to God ?

China has also warned Obama and the US that he is fishing in troubled waters.

It looks like O is fishing for God’s wrath and judgment on this nation which is long overdue ?

It’s clear to me that we’ve got a target, a bulls eye on our backs now along with a leader who is 51 cards short of a full deck.

Our nation has been weakened in every way, especially our worn down military,  spread way too thin across the globe.

Obama Joker

As a too proud nation that has forgotten God, we’ve bitten off more than we can chew.

That is the way of all temporary, once great empires on the skids down to the place of pain and great mourning.

Venezuela is our cue.

Nearly everyone can see this except the arrogant and delusional ones of Washington and their media tramps who never met a lie they didn’t embrace.

They hate the truth that much.

Even North Korea continues to advance it’s nuclear agenda knowing that it’s always the same, all talk and meaningless sanctions from the US and UN.

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran can all see that the joker in the White House is just that.

And then we have an insane, perverse world that God looks down upon

The followers of Islam are busy with their bloodletting across the globe in order to advance their Crusader Conquest of the infidel world for their false god allah and what does the world infidel world do ?

They gang up with their Muslim destroyers united against the tiny Israel of God.

Now that’s beyond stupid, it’s evil. Israel and the Jews are not the ones blowing us up and killing us in our cities across the globe. It’s the Muslims ! 

If I were you out there, I wouldn’t align myself too close with this present (wicked) insane world system, It’s not long for this world and it’s “sickness” is unto death and not some evolving utopia the snake oil, globalist salesmen are selling you.

Keep your distance and thank God if you can see what I’m saying.   

Boycott Israel

hat tip – noodles Oct 2013 a very heavy stone

Trouble for the US brewing in Nicaragua

A powerful tornado and hailstorm has killed at least 78 people on the outskirts of an eastern Chinese city.

Nato can’t protect Baltics from Russia, says US general


About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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16 Responses to TroubleMakers and Evil Boycott’s

  1. Maude Dantin says:

    Although I am a white male, 50, I’m able to relate to what you are thinking. The world pigeonholes us all and tries to snuff the actual light inside. Consequently, appreciate it for posting your story and your current insight.

    • Marcel says:

      Thank you sir,
      The world lies in darkness and this is why it works so hard to snuff out light and truth

      We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.
      1 John 5:19

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  3. Noodles says:

    Funny coincidence, Marcel…just yesterday I responded to a comment from Ari Lesser on Ynet, forgetting completely who he was…lol.

    I don’t think he was too happy with me for suggesting Jihad Hussein O. wouldn’t be leaving office…oh well.

    • Marcel says:

      Interesting, I’ve been learning, it’s not all fun getting old.
      Forgetting comes naturally as does many many things.
      I just read this at one of my commentors web site, check it out, he connected the dots very well.

      • Noodles says:

        Did do, Marcel…good stuff and was able to tweet it out on Twitter, because I noticed the ‘social media’ buttons at the bottom. (It’s already gotten a ‘like’)

        I guess with your new site, I’ll have to actually copy & paste it out to my followers…OMG, what’s the world coming to? (Don’t ask.)

        • Marcel says:

          Shabbat shalom brother and thanks !

          That Samson7 really has a gift and did some excellent research to connect Chobani $$$ to injustice in Twin Falls, Idaho sexual abuse of the five year old girl there and no real media coverage.

          • KayZ says:

            An evil crime against an innocent little girl and it’s being shoved under the rug because of money. This is a sickening story. I’m having my own violent thoughts now.

          • Marcel says:

            Hi Kay,
            It helps us to understand why God must act and for us to get out of His way when He sends (His repay vengeance) what is long overdue to a people heavy laden with sin.
            As it was in the days of Noah….

            Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
            Romans 12:19

  4. Samson7able says:

    I agree with you. Boycotting Israel is insane. What have they done to deserve a boycott? They are only trying to survive against massive odds.

    I know that things are being worked out as Prophecy states.

    I read where Mr. Netanyahu is going to be meeting with Mr. Kerry to discuss the “peace” process. Hopefully Mr. Netanyahu will tell Mr. Kerry, NO, Israel is NOT playing your little “Lets destroy Israel game ANY MORE!” If you want more of Israel tell Mr. O to come and take it from YHWH!

    Truly, I am watching for serious Judgment on Babylon America.

    ( P.S. The new site is looking good! )

    • Marcel says:

      Thanks for commenting brother. I’m getting used to WP slowly. Is it readable ?

      ‘What have they done ?’
      They remind the world of God and the Bible. Erase Israel, erase God.

      “Truly, I am watching for serious Judgment on Babylon America.”

      I’m watching for a major quake in California

      This site will never be as good as yours. It’s top notch!!!
      If it’s OK with you I’d like to put a link up to your site ?

      If not, I understand.

      • Samson7able says:

        Brother Marcel,
        I am certain it would be fine to put up a link to the website. Yes, your new site is very readable.

        The website i write for is not my site, but I was invited to be an author there. I try to wait on The LORD+ to see what HE+ would have me write.

        I recently posted about the little 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. I have grieved over that horrible incident for some days, going between anger and grief. Have prayed for the child and her family, who are not wealthy people.

        I too am watching for a major West coast quake. If it comes it will probably obliterate California.

        May The LORD+ Bless you keep you safe this evening brother.

        • Marcel says:

          Samson 7
          You have a gift and doing an incredible job ,your research is top notch.Thanks, shall link to you.
          I read your post on the 5 year old and the followers of evil Islam and the false prophet.
          I tried to comment there, guess to no avail.

          • Samson7able says:

            Brother Marcel,
            Yes! Got your comment which is now posted.
            Thank you for your kind words. Truly I must wait on The LORD+ to know what and how to wright.
            Let us all stand firm for our LORD+.
            May HIS+ Kingdom come quickly.

          • Samson7able says:

            Brother Marcel,
            Yes! Got your comment which is now posted.
            Thank you for your kind words. Truly I must wait on The LORD+ to know what and how to write.
            Let us all stand firm for our LORD+.
            May HIS+ Kingdom come quickly.

          • Marcel says:

            you have a GIFT !

            ‘May HIS+ Kingdom come quickly’

            YES, Before we know it.
            It’s going by so fast for me.
            Revelation 12:11

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