Israel Accepts Dhimmi Jew Status, Pays Turkey $21 million Jizya Bribe

Israel continues down the failed road of appeasing Islam

Gaza Islamic terrorist enclave, Hamastan rewarded by Netanyahu for their terrorrism against Israel.

As part of the reconciliation agreement between Israel and Turkey, Israel will pay the families of the ‘peace activists’  Hamas terrorist supporters who were killed attacking IDF soldiers a total of $21 million; Turkey to drop charges at ICC.

I  guarantee you that this appeasement of evil will blow up in Israel’s face

Netanyahu and Kerry in Rome for Israel’s surrender to Turkey’s demands, “reconciliation” announcement

Weak Israel is always on the losing end of these agreements and announcements


Muslims blow up fellow Muslims in Jordan

The so-called Islamic State (IS) group has said it carried out a suicide truck-bomb attack that killed six Jordanian security personnel on the border with Syria.

Muslim terrorists blow themselves up and kill Christians for allah  in Lebanon

Four bombers blew themselves up outside a house in the predominantly Christian village of Qaa, close to the border with war-torn Syria.

Islam, the religion of Satan

Israel's appeasement will not bring peace

evil fruit

About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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6 Responses to Israel Accepts Dhimmi Jew Status, Pays Turkey $21 million Jizya Bribe

  1. Bob Jones says:

    NO offense, and Lord forgive me, but in my book the only good moose-slime is a dead one, or in the crosshairs.

    • Marcel says:

      The people we are called to love (love your enemies)
      It’s the ‘big lie’ the evil religion of the false prophet that Muslims are enslaved to that deserves our scorn.
      I know Jesus is saving many who have been deceived by this Satanic deception.

      • Samson7able says:

        Amen Marcel. It is the evil entity called islam that we are calling people out of and warning against.

        Many people have been born into this death and darkness and do not know any way out. Those who ARE turning away from the LIE of islam ( and many are!) are immediately faced with death threats and hardships for them and their family. Those who do come out of islam are 100% for Y’SHUA MESSIAH – JESUS CHRIST, and and are willing to pay the price.

        On Israel, I can hardly believe that Israel paid that amount of money to those who ATTACKED THEM! There seems to be NOTHING fair in that decision. Does Israel have to apologize to Turkey, Hamas, et. al, for existing? Yes, I guess they do. Bad move I feel.

        • Marcel says:

          Truly disgusting and on the heels of Israel’s homosexual pride parades.
          No coincidence
          He is the Neville Chamberlain of Israel

          my comment at Shiloh musing blog today;

          Well at least we know that the dhimmi Jews of Israel pay their jizya / bribe to their Muslim masters.

          Poodle Benji always knew how to roll over for his masters.

          You left out all the benefits and rewards he is giving to the Islamic terrorists of Gaza for their terrorism, rockets and wars against Israel.

          Who said ; terrorism does not pay ?

          With Israel it pays very, very well.

          A people and nation which shake their fists at God and celebrate perversity and homosexual parades are in for much sorrow and suffering … and that is why God gave Israel a fool (Netanyahu) to lead them.

          • Samson7able says:

            Yes, I forgot about all of the sodomite pride debauchery! That is a shame against Israel. You are right. Only Judgment can be expected.

            I know The LORD GOD is bringing all things together for the final battle.

            I tried to reach you several times today, but the computer could not find you! Prayed for you, hoping you were not having problems or had not been “hacked”. Maybe it was on this end, as we were having some storms.

            The Peace of The LORD+ be with you brother.

          • Marcel says:

            Sadly Israel is heavy into the sodomy way.
            Thats why they have the dhimmi Netanyahu to lead them to disaster by way of appeasement.

            I thought TPTB had pulled the plug on RPD.

            Bob, My web master said he lost power and the server was down.


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