Jordan’s King Abdullah has a Muslim problem

ISLAMIC ruled Jordan has been able to keep their Islam problem under wraps with the help of the media for some time, but the problem has now gotten out of control.

Muslims are on the loose doing what they do best, jihad, massive destruction and death. They’re desperate to  cash in their ‘religion ticket to hell’,  head for paradise and meet their 72 virgins, so they think.

This AP story below has nearly been buried. The truth, you have to dig deep for it today.     Lies are what the people want and what is selling as we see with the lying witch Hillary and the pathological liar Jihad Hussein Obama.

No surprise, the globalist elite and their media prostitutes have an easy job to keep the sheep clueless, fat, dumb, happy and malleable. 

Islam has serious, terminal problem's

Dark evil Islam has serious and terminal problem

If the King of Jordan is to survive (which he won’t) he has to crack down on his Muslims who take the Koran at it’s word and practice murder and violence for allah and the false prophet.

Have you noticed how none of the media and government propaganda outlets just can’t bring themselves to say Islamic, Muslim when they write or talk about the source of all of this “terrorism” ?
They leave that box empty for evil intent because they know that if they often repeated the truth;

Islamic terrorism or Muslim suicide bomber

… that it would not be long before everyone figured out that there was something seriously wrong with this religion that loves to kill innocents and is on a ‘CONQUER THE WORLD JIHAD’ for their bloodthirsty god.

So that is why they will never identify the problem. The media and government and their propaganda ministries all serve the same god of Islam and their shaheed, terrorists, Satan. 


King Abdullah, you have an easy solution, just send his Muslim terrorists and their supporters to Jihad Hussein Obama’s America. He will gladly take all the Muslim terrorists you have dear King of Jordan.

The Islam problem that started long ago in failed Islamic nation state Somalia has spread across the Islamic world and is now threatening Turkey and Jordan with it signature destruction of cities, massive death,  never ending violence and utter destruction.

 That is Islam, that is what they do.

The God of Israel is judging evil Islam and He is using it to judge the nations and the world.   


An example of the lying media in action. 

Since I wrote about this in April, I’ve noticed that they seem to have stopped reporting on the death toll from the Muslim genocide against fellow Muslims internecine  war in Syria.  

U.N., 250,000 Killed or is it 470,000 + Killed in Syria ?






Muslim Terrorists Execute Muslim Terrorists


Turkey airport attack: 41 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk


Sin and it’s consequences

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