May God Speedily Avenge the Murder of Hallel Against the Palestinian’s Without Mercy

May they all reap what evil they have sown.
The Palestinians followers of the false prophet Mohammed do not want any peace with Israel, they want to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews.
They do not hide their true intentions and still the US, EU and UN continue to force Israel into the maw of the Palestinian branch of this evil, destroying Islamic monster from hell.

Sadly Israel only has weak leadership who are bereft of any real faith in God, and so like slaves they bow to their earthly masters and follow their evil agenda against Israel.

The Two State Solution IS NOT God’s agenda, it is the US, EU, UN and Satan’s agenda and Israel should not have agreed to follow it for even 1 day.

It’s only brought suffering and death to Israel and no peace, no security.

The problem with Netanyhu is he keeps looking, begging and praying west to America as if it were Israel’s God.
He keeps serving the globalist agenda because he has no real faith in the Holy One of Israel.
Just another empty suit politicians with smooth empty words that do nothing but deceive the listeners.

Jews who live outside the ghetto walls, the untenable 67 Israel borders, what Abba Eban called the Aushwitz Borders are made to be less than human by the Fourth Reich International Community.
Kyriat Arba is outside the Ghetto which the US, EU, UN have assigned for the Jews before their next planned pogrom of Islam.

Hallel Yafa Ariel. 13
Murdered by evil Palestinians because she was a Jew


Mother of slain girl: ‘Here’s one last hug from mom’

The blood of Jews who are labeled “settlers” by the Goebbels Propaganda Media is worth less  than that of Jews like Netanyahu who show themselves loyal lap dog kapo’s to the evil Fourth Reich Globalist Agenda.

Puppy Netanyahu is just following orders and only asks for meatless, worthless bones from an enemy he will not defeat and end the farce of Fakepeace that the Reich is using to destroy Israel by.

My guess is that after too much suffering, Israel will finally rid itself of pompous, empty suit, lap dogs who serve everyone’s interests but Israel.

There was a time when Israel’s enemies feared them, but that time is long gone, thanks to the process fools call peace, the process that snared Israel into national suicide.

All of Israel suffers for disobeying God and obeying corrupt, lying, perverts of the US, UN, EU instead of Him.

You shall make no covenant with them or with their gods. 33 They shall not live in your land, because they will make you sin against Me; for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you.”

May God speedily avenge Hillel’s murder upon His enemies and also the spineless, traitorous, kapos of Israel who serve other gods.

About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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6 Responses to May God Speedily Avenge the Murder of Hallel Against the Palestinian’s Without Mercy

  1. Samson7able says:

    Oh the sorrow! The ANGER also!

    There is NO PEACE with islam, with the followers of the False demon posessed “prophet” mohammad .

    Like the false prophet, so are his followers demonized and thirsty for blood. Senseless butchery is their daily goal for their little demon-god “allah”.

    For the LIE of islam to be destroyed, its bloody demon-false-god must be destroyed! Their is ONE+ Who WILL DO THIS! YHWH ELOHIM of Armies, The HOLY ONE of Israel.

    May the people of Israel RETURN to HIM+ in Repentance and contrition. HE+ is their ONLY Friend, the Only ONE+ Who will save them. ( Zechariah 12 ) ALL the nations that are plotting against Israel, against GOD’S people, the whole house of Israel (natural & grafted in ) are GONE! They are dust!

    The LORD GOD reward the U.N., U.S, and E.U. according to their lying and satanic works.

    • Marcel says:

      Amen brother!
      My prayer is that all those nations and peoples who $upport the evil Palestinian entity of terrorism, intolerance and hate are judged economically and with the same Islamic terrorism ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND NATIONS that they have let the Palestinians get away with for so long against Israel.

      I do believe God has answered my prayer before I prayed for His justice to let them all reap what they have sown.

      • Noodles says:

        In place of the 72 virgins….

        • Marcel says:

          Great video,just watched the first few minutes, bookmarked, will get back to it for sure.
          I look forward when Israel gets seriously and unmercifuly tough with the death cult of Islam and stops playing it’s endless losing games.

          • Noodles says:

            Sadly, I think it will take Gog & Magog or some such, before that happens.

          • Marcel says:

            yes, the people are under a dark cloud of deception and delusion that will only be broken and removed when they earnestly seek the Lord.
            They’re not desperate, but very proud, not humbled yet, and it will take much death and suffering to get them there.

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