Rebellious World in Deep Denial Before Judgment Strikes

All Joy is departing

A Biblical way to understand why Islamic terrorism is so easily advancing across the Western world despite all the efforts of our impotent and ignorant leaders is that the gay West is in transition from gay to a greatly afflicted, sorrowful and in mourning West.

The people of Sodom and Gomorrah could never imagine that things would end for them as they did.  We don’t know how many God destroyed who were not perverts and homosexuals but just gave a wink and an accepting nod to this abomination? As we see today it was the vast majority  who went along and could not, would not stand for the truth and what is moral and good. They sold out for ease and comfort rather than stand with God and His immutable laws. Today we can look at the compromised, in bed with the devil, Republicans along with apostate Christians who have sold out to evil with greatest ease. it just reveals what was in their hearts all along.

God is only bringing it to light for all to see  

A major part of God’s judgment when it begins is that He blinds those who love darkness rather than the light so that they are in deep denial and unable to awaken or save themselves. They are trapped in the snare they themselves have chosen.

I believe if not for Abraham’s intervention and prayers, Lot would not have made it out.

What you condone, you are a partaker in, and you shall inherit the same judgments from God for this wickedness.  Isaiah 5:20

Today, the vast majority of  people including rabbi’s and pastors are all accepting of this vile sin that always comes out of the hiding closet before God’s wrath. This helps us to understand Jesus’ words;

  “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.  For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Matthew 7:13-14


Like the world today they were all in great denial assuming their bonfire’s of the flesh, parties of sensual wickedness and life of vanities would continue with no one or nothing to stop them.

Like the people of Europe, America, Australia, Israel and places in between who have pushed God and  His laws aside, the fire and brimstone of God’s judgments are evident to many in this early stage, but the wicked are blind, clueless and in great denial to all of it.  They are too full of themselves that they have no room for God.

In Germany, the day after a Muslim killed many Germans they are working feverishly to direct everyone away from reality to some other excuse for his murderous carnage.

BBC Scrubs ‘Ali’ From Munich Killer’s Name On TV, In Articles, AND On Social Media

They’re all in cahoots, on the same page with this spin and twist away from the problem Islam and the Koran’s command to kill infidels.

Why haven’t they connected Iran Muslim Ali’s motivation to imitating the teenage Muslim terrorist from Afghanistan who attacked the Chinese tourists on the train near Munich and just a few days ago ?

Why ? Because that might wake too many German people up to the reality that their leaders have caused this growing and deadly problem.

They have to cover this one up right on the heels of the other teenage Islamic terrorist attacker on the train this same week. if they told the truth it would expose the criminal negligence and incompetence  of the incompetent German government.

They go so far to protect their failed, suicidal and extremely stupid immigration, Islamic invasion policy that they lie to everyone and themselves. This  blindness and inability to wake up is terminal and nation destroying

They refuse to see the link to Islam in terrorism to their own destruction

An 18-year-old MUSLIM German-Iranian gunman who apparently acted UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ISLAM alone opened fire near a busy shopping mall in Munich on Friday evening, killing at least nine people in the third attack on civilians in Western Europe in eight days.

Apostate idol worshiping Christians give Sodomite STANDING OVATION

Not even Jesus gets praise like this from these apostate, fallen away idol worshipers who call themselves Christians.

The Open PARADE of SIN in Jerusalem … Sodomite PRIDE

How evil and insane that the perverted ones celebrate their rebellious sins against God while their enemies prepare powerful WMD’s for their second holocaust. This just proves that rejecting God and His immutable ways leads to insanity and national suicide.

God shall have His small remnant in Israel as He will in America.


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Before God destroys nations He makes them feel safe, in denial, and full of confidence in themselves and their own flesh. The wicked are always “shocked” when their unexpected end comes.

West in denial about North Korea 


Israel serves the heathen nations instead of God 

Israel tries so hard to be like the nations (the same nations which betray them daily) instead of obeying and serving the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
They’ve tried so hard to be like the nations that in many cases they have outdone their wickedness.

It comes as no surprise that now more than ever before, hundreds of thousands of missiles are aimed at Israel from Iran, Lebanon, Sinai and elsewhere.

While the people should be on their knees seeking the LORD their God fervently, instead they are dancing around the ugly golden calf they have fashioned with their own filthy hands.

There will be great mourning and suffering in Israel for this abominable rebellion against the Holy One of Israel. 


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I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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