Europe in Now a War Zone

Today in infidel Belgium

Belgium police machete attack: Knifeman  MUSLIM shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks two female officers outside station



The West having rejected God, under it’s great tolerance for evil and no tolerance for good, has opened it’s borders to the Islamic invaders under the delusion and Trojan Horse trap of doing a good deed for immigrants who are all under the judgment of God for their wars and hatred against Israel and the Jews.
The curse that the Muslim immigrants are under, now cursed Europe has opened it’s doors wide open to.
Another critical aspect of this Trojan invasion that every infidel should be aware of is what Muslims call the Muhajirun. If do not understand this very Muslim agenda take the time to search, study and learn. It might open you eyes to what is going on in Europe and with Obama and Hillary’s Muhajirun agenda for America now moving fast forward.


Militarized European Cities

Militarized European Cities

The leaders of the West don’t know it but they have already surrendered to Islam and become dhimmi’s. They have become so fearful, cowardly and stupid that they will not identify the enemy as Muslim or Islamic in order to grovel, surrender to and appease this outright evil. They are under the strong delusion that Islam is a respectable and honorable religion when it is neither. 

Christians know the futility and stupidity of trying to placate this evil instead of eradicating it completely. The devious, cowardly and hypocritical West, the US and Europe, do go out of their way to blame Israel for the problems and bloodshed that Islam brings with great despicable and disgusting ease and deliberation.    


Blaming Israel instead of Islam is the dark ugly face of the evil that has fallen  over doomed, cowardly Europe.

Under the threat of violence from ISLAM, once tranquil Europe has become a police state with police looking more like military units patrolling the cities of Europe.

Man ISLAMIC TERRORIST INVADER charged with Russell Square knife murder

“The last few hours have taught me to appreciate every second, I don’t know whether to call it luck or fate, but no doubt it is some sort of miracle compared to the woman who stood right next to me and perished in front of my eyes: a matter of seconds, metres, breaths.”    

Yovel Lewkowski, Israeli tourist who was injured by Islamic terrorist.


Afghan asylum seeker Muslim terrorist arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attack in Paris

Police have arrested an Afghan asylum seeker  ISLAMIC TERRORIST INVADER in Paris who was suspected of plotting a terror attack on the French capital to be carried out within days.

Having rejected God, the West has embraced the curse, stupidity, darkness and now walk in darkness

Having rejected God, the West has embraced the curse, stupidity, darkness and now walk in darkness

In doomed Europe, the fools who rule over the people even help and pay their ISLAMIC TERRORIST with free benefits and mucho dinero $$$ from the government’s social assistance and welfare funds.

The ensuing stupidity of nations which turn away from God is breathtaking! 

Report: Terrorist Suspects Collected Welfare Benefits While Planning Attacks

Several terrorist suspects were collecting Belgian welfare benefits while plotting attacks in Paris and Brussels, according to investigators.


The biggest criminal and lying president in American history!

Just like Jezebel on steroids, Hillary, Obama is incapable of telling the truth. They’ve passed go and went straight for hell

President Nixon was impeached for much, much less than this evil man has done. It’s is the measure of just how far down the pit America has fallen. Soon everyone will hear the point of impact for godless America; a loud splat heard round the world.

he can’t stop lying as it is so easy to lie to the America people today and get away with it!

Obama claims Iran Deal working, Israel and Iran disagree

The Israeli Defense Ministry published its reaction to the statement right before the Sabbath started, saying “the Israeli security services believe that the agreements only have value if they are based on existing reality, and that they hold no value if the reality on the ground is completely different than the reality envisioned in the agreements.”


World Deception

There are many news stories that the dark, evil, given over to Satan, mainstream media in the USA will never report on. Here is an example with deceptive,  false image, corrupted, World Vision, better named World Deception. Someone let me know if you’ve seen this story with any of the godless, leftist alphabet network websites and TV as I don’t wast time on either. 

Christian in name only, World Vision supports Islamic terrorists in Hamastan, Gaza against Israel

World Vision has been a big lie for a long time. And good hearted lukewarm Christians are so naive that it’s too easy to bamboozled them out of their money for a ‘good cause’ like supporting death cult terrorists by way of World Vision. It’s all corrupt.

All that money donated made them corrupt. They had to employ the wise ungodly professionals of this world to operate their business like the corrupt world operates their businesses.

For me the big picture here is that this bad outcome is due to the failure of Israel to totally and completed defeat Hamas and remove them and their name from the face of the earth.
Now Israel will pay a heavy price for listening to Hillary Clinton in 2012 when she came to the rescue of Hamas and to John Kerry when he came to the rescue of Hamas in 2014


As Turkey’s coup strains ties with West, detente with Russia gathers pace

As Turkey’s relations with Europe and the United States are strained by the fallout from its failed coup, President Tayyip Erdogan travels to Russia on Tuesday to meet Vladimir Putin in a trip he may hope will give the West pause for thought.


John at Omega Shock wrote an extremely informative piece on this major prophetic event now unfolding.

If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so.


America is also well on it’s way to becoming a war zone/ police state. The seeds of civil war, revolution and war in the streets have been planted.

Obama’s Chicago, America’s first war zone ?

Chicago goes wild west against it’s criminals, kill first then deal with the coming riots later


I went through both riots in Miami and they were both a life lesson on how quickly cities can turn into a war zone. be warned, big cities, just like Sodom and Gomorrah do not have a good future.

About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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4 Responses to Europe in Now a War Zone

  1. Samson7able says:

    I was reading several articles about Mr. islamist / jihadist Obama having plans to nationalize all police in the U.S. This, of course, has U.N. approval! I immediately thought “Gestapo”/ Fourth Reich.

    It is my thought that this man, BO, was NOT elected, but was placed in power by a very “influential” ( shall we say ) group of people through the “smoke & mirrors” electoral process now used in the U.S. We know from recent events how useless the vote and election process really is.

    The frightening part is that Mr.O has aspirations to become Secretary General of the U.N. If this should happen, perhaps the next step would be an International Police Force! ( Gestapo ), all for everyone’s safety and protection of course! I see now why all of those MRAPs have been shipped out to police departments large and small across the country. An International Martial Law would fit the bill for those “influential People” to protect us, of course, from bad isis/terrorists, who they have created and funded to do their dirty work for them. It seems to fit End-Time Scriptures to a great extent also.

    These are just some thoughts as we watch and Pray and LONG to see The Sign of The SON of MAN+ in the Clouds of Heaven. I pray for HIS+ appearance in Flaming Fire to take Vengeance for HIS+ People Israel and for the meek of the earth. We DEPEND on HIS+ Strength to Guide and Keep us.

    Pray for those who walk before YHWH in sackcloth. Bless you Brother Marcel

    • Marcel says:

      They are way behind schedule in disarming law abiding Americans, they don’t care if the criminals and felons have guns by the fact that they have never tried to disarm the gangs across American and Obama continues to release them from prison.
      Obama is evil!!!
      The majority of sheeple to be culled have been dumbed down by the Satan System.
      They don’t have a clue what is going on and are happy with their Bread and Circus Olympics, etc.
      The last days are upon us, IT’S GOING OT GET UGLY IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. expect the unexpected.
      Thanks brother for that on target comment.
      Time is going so fast that before we know it the Kingdom of God will be here.
      See you in Jerusalem if not before.

  2. KayZ says:

    2 thoughts Marcel:

    Your headline, THE WEST HAS BECOME TOO STUPID TO SURVIVE, made me laugh. It’s laugh or cry sometimes at the craziness, and I prefer cynical laughter. Often your one-liners are real zingers.

    Watching that cop fire for no reason other than the car was stolen…next they’ll be shooting us if they think we might be shoplifting. Or thinking about shoplifting. And on top of that, his main concern was being on the desk for 30 days. Apparently that’s the only reprisal for shooting unarmed people now. Disclaimer: I know some wonderful, caring officers of the law. But an awful lot of these guys seem to have gone rogue.

    Keep up the good work Marcel. You manage to entertain and horrify me at the same time!

    • Marcel says:

      Hi Kay,
      I’ve got a lot to say, first a big, big thank you. I wrote THE WEST HAS BECOME TOO STUPID TO SURVIVE some time ago and did not want to repeat the title so I fit it in a the beginning.
      It’s from Job 12, the whole chapter is so good and full of revelation;

      “He deprives of intelligence the chiefs of the earth’s people
      And makes them wander in a pathless waste.
      25 “They grope in darkness with no light,
      And He makes them stagger like a drunken man.

      I see this upsurge in Cops killing and cops being killed as the Lord sending the sword upon a nation along with famine and pestilence, just as He did with Israel. Everyone suffers when a nation turns to wickedness. The sword has just begun and we have Zika and more on the way and then soon famine in the land.

      I was going to skip the video but the part you mentioned was important to hear, not the cursing but as you noticed, the attitude of the policeman.
      Yes we have many good policemen but like our soldiers, they all will suffer along with the citizens because of the ungodly decisions of this nation our evil and untrustworthy leaders

      Today in Belgium, I don’t know if they will ever figure out that Muslims/Islam is at war against the infidel West ? I doubt it.

      Belgium police machete attack: Knifeman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks two female officers outside station

      No need to be horrified, only prepared for what is coming Psalm 91. Psalm 37 I’m sure you know and have the peace only God can give in the midst of turmoil already.
      Thank you for your comment sister in Messiah Jesus, and for being such a great help to me.

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