US Trained Iraqi Army is Worthless

After billions of US dollars wasted on training and arming it, the Iraqi army is BEST known as the army of great retreats.

Iraq army capitulates to Isis militants in four cities

The world looks at the US trained Iraqi Army and laughs

It’s the biggest joke happening since Obama told us Islam is a religion of peace.

The US Empire and it’s Military are all in free fall.

The US failure in training a competent Iraqi army is because of the curse that is upon Islam and stupid American leaders have yet to figure out that it is impossible to bless what God has cursed. 

 After over a decade in Iraq and training the Iraqi military it has all proven worthless. Their only expertise has been in retreat and leaving all their US supplied weapons in the hands of the enemy.

I remember reading back in March about the Iraqi Army’s “imminent” attack on Mosul.  

So what happened ? 

  Did they get lost ? Maybe they’re walking to Mosul or they decided on the slowest camels they could find ?

Well, at least the Kurds are leading the way. So much for all the hundreds of billions the idiots in Washington have flushed down the toilet, the latest failed Muslim country, Iraq.

Islamic State: Kurdish forces capture Iraq villages



March 24, 2016 headline 

Iraqi army launches offensive to push Isis out of Mosul


Why the Iraqi Operation to Retake Mosul Is Such a Mess

‘It’s being mired by incompetence, mistrust, and divisions on the ground’

On March 24, the Iraqi government announced the start of the long-awaited operation to take back Mosul.

Iraqi Army Seen as Ill Equipped to Retake Mosul From ISIS, Despite U.S. Aid

The delay is expected despite American efforts to keep Iraq’s creaky war machine on track. Although President Obama vowed to end the United States’ role in the war in Iraq, in the last two years the American military has increasingly provided logistics to prop up the Iraqi military, which has struggled to move basics like food, water and ammunition to its troops.

Like I said, you can’t bless what God has cursed and this is another perfect example of blind, stupid Obama and the Washington establishment wasting trillions of dollars in the Islamic sewer that is the Middle East ! 

It started with  Skull n’ Bones Bush and has been a complete waste, a major catastrophe since day 1 that keeps bleeding to this day.

The Revelation 6 Rider on the Red Horse comes next

The Revelation 6 Rider on the Red Horse comes next

The Man Who Set The World on Fire

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