How to get rid of four billion useless eaters

Wars, politician caused civil chaos, famine and mob instability, Islamic nation destroying terrorism and  G.M. mosquito’s are just the tip of the iceberg. Shortly we will be looking back to these as the good old days. 

From what I see on the subject here, I’m off by 2 billion useless eaters, whats a billion or two humans ?


Useless eaters become useful guinea pigs for Zika- Naled scientific ‘experiment’

A plane flying over Miami Beach on Friday conducted aerial spraying for mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus, despite concerns over possible effects that the insecticide naled may have on health and the environment.
The European Union, however, bans the the use of naled, calling it “a potential and unacceptable risk” to human health and the environment.

An engineered mosquito with an evil agenda ?

An engineered mosquito for an evil agenda ?

Frankenstein Scientists and We, Their Human Guinea Pigs

Are Scientists to blame for the Zika virus ? Researchers released genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil 3 years ago.


Germany warns of threat from more than 500 ‘potential attackers’

Islam is not so peaceful as I once thought. Be patient, I'm learning 1 dead German at a time.

Islam is not so peaceful as I once thought. Be patient, I’m learning 1 dead German at a time.

Relax, and get used to the new chaos we’ve introduced for you useless eaters here in Europe. We’re bringing more refugees and Islamic terrorists in…. just for you !


Watching this unfolding real life, bad movie, the Russian’s sure are having way to many war exercises.  I do believe they have plans and aren’t shy about letting everyone know about them.

Russia holds large-scale military drills in Crimea

Ready for a hot war ?

Ready for a hot war ?


Life is short, way too short for some.

Thank God for every day He gives you here on this temporary big rock we call home !

Irish rower dies in Poland after freak accident hours after winning medal

The 23-year-old post-graduate student was a member of the University of London boat club and had recently been elected its vice-captain.

While celebrating the win with teammates she fell, suffering catastrophic injuries.

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