Failed Global Diplomacy Over Syria Continues

The world powers have failed to halt the war between Muslims in Syria going into it’s sixth years.  

In fact more and more armies and ‘proxy’ fighters  from across the globe have gathered in this ancient land where empires go to die like moths to the flames.

You can not bless what God has cursed, look around Islam is cursed and under God’s judgment for their evil against Israel and their satanic blood-lust.

Modernized Syria, circa 10/2016. 'And thou has uprooted the cities'

Modernized Syria, circa 10/2016.
‘And thou has uprooted the cities’

Syria, the Canary in the Coal Mine


Sunday – US & World Pre-Election Wrap Up

Things we know beyond any doubt –

The masses in America have been dumbed down enough to be spoon fed lies and propaganda from a corrupt US Government Media that Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels serving the Nazi Third Reich only wished he could have commanded.

He's got that crafty Obama smile!

He’s got that crafty Obama smile!

How easily the sinful people of America, who forgot God, are deceived and how easily they fall into a strong delusion as they are slowly cooked to death by power corrupted, control freaks, and evil forces.

just give them bread and circus entertainment an Obama phone and food stamps and they are our neutered sheep headed for the Slaughterhouse

Just lie to them 24/7, give them bread and circus entertainment, an Obama phone and food stamps and they are our neutered sheep headed for the Slaughterhouse

The majority of the American people are foolish enough to be led to pay to watch commercials on TV. It’s taken decades to get us to this tipping point, but we are here now as the evil globalists final, take no prisoners, revolutionary move to bring America down.

…and so a corrupt, lying, criminal & sickly, evil witch, Hillary Clinton, protected by the most corrupt, lying media, 5th Estate Fourth Reich Propaganda Ministry, will most likely steal the election for president of the USA.

That’s what corrupt governments do, they steal.

How soon the American people forget

Islam is not a religion of peace, the media and the government know this and have been lying to us for a nefarious reason.

Their #1 mission is to cover up the Islamic nature of all terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks like this one last week.

Will Corrupt Obama Regime Cover up Attempted Islamic Terrorist Attack at Pratt & Whitney ?


Islamic Terrorism Cover-Up in France

France managed to hide this one from the world last week

Notice how quickly they ‘disappeared’ this Muslim connection news and got back to their mission of working hard to destroy Hillary Clinton’s opponent  in the presidential election’ with what they do best smear, destroy, and lie about those who threaten their corrupt, evil Goebbels rule. 

If you are a rapist like Hillary’s husband or Bill Cosby then the media protect you, fervently. So it has nothing to do with morality only with manipulating the brainwashed and controlled sheep to follow their  media prompts into the slaughterhouse they have prepared for the brainwashed sheep. 


I wonder if they were Iranian missiles or our own US made missiles that our MIC, military industrial complex, sold to Yemen years ago ? We probably will never know the answer to that question as the Goebbels US media no longer asks questions and only lie, and feed us their twisted, perverted agenda.


USS Mason Fired on Again Off Coast of Yemen: Officials


The incident occurred late Saturday or early Sunday local time. At least one missile was fired, the officials said.


Kerry Heads to London for Syria Talks With European Allies

What worthless diplomats and politicians do – Talk and waste other peoples money


The Insanity of Bloodthirsty Islam


Syria conflict: Muslim Rebels terrorists ‘capture’ IS Muslim terrorists stronghold of Dabiq

The Turkish backed Muslim terrorist rebels took Dabiq after “IS Muslim terrorist members withdrew”, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

We Turkish backed Muslim terrorists gave our fellow Muslim terrorists of IS a pass to fight another day 


Now filthy and corrupted NATO has a very dark and corrupt member that has become hard core Islamic which they will not kick out of their organization, Turkey.

Erdogan says Turkey will not take orders from Iraq

“He [Abadi] insults me”. “You are not in my quality, my level”. “You screaming and shouting is of no importance to us”.

This gives you an idea of how well Muslims and their religion of lies and no peace anywhere get along with each other.



Batman has a ship

Notice how a nation that forgot God is reduced to it’s military commanders with their silly fantasy discourses. Can’t talk about God  in America Babylon, might get fired and replaced by a confused transvestite getting  hisherits free sex change operation, sexual reassignment, from the QMG, queer military government on the enslaved, no longer free, taxpayers dime.


What a sick, godless western culture does before destruction comes

It should be evident to most that God has given over the west to destruction. (see Psalms 9:17)

If you are still in doubt please prayerfully read Romans chapter 1 and also the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah and what God did to the earth in Noah’s day,  when they embraced the creepy clown, Satan, and his perverse ways.

(warning, beware, this is The Sun out of UK and they have some eye garbage like the daily mail. 

 Killer clown craze hits the tattoo parlour as body art fans flock to get creepy inkings


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