The World is Afraid to Speak the Truth


“There is something seriously wrong with the religion of Islam that produces so much violence and terrorism everywhere on this earth.”


Everyone is afraid to say the truth, especially our lying politicians who easily feed us lies with the help of the lying perverts of the globalist propaganda media. 

The inhabitants of the earth would rather live in a lie than face the truth.

They love being lied to and happily elected a pathological liar like Jihad Hussein Obama twice to lead them to destruction. 
The majority compromise with the evil that is Islam and ignore the truth and for this ‘bad fruit’, this  evil they shall all pay dearly.


“And the earth will become desolate because of her inhabitants,
On account of the fruit of their deeds.”

Micah 7:13


If someone like General Flynn dares to speak the truth, the lying, perverted, godless left and their media whores set out to destroy them with more hate and vengeance than they have for murdering terrorist followers of the false prophet Mohammed whom they always make excuses for.
They do this in order to protect their evil cohorts from the religion of all terrorism, Islam. They are birds of the same feather, they serve the same god, Satan, the father of lies and hate.

Michael Flynn: from subtle intelligence chief to Muslim-baiting ideologue


Long before Michael Flynn led a chant demanding the imprisonment of Hillary Clinton, and before he came to view an entire religion as responsible for terrorism, he issued a public plea for nuance in intelligence.



Dutch Expert: Islamic State has 60-80 Operatives in Europe


Muslim terrorists invited in by the fools, who govern an infidel population with criminal negligence now lay siege to Europe as their leaders work hard to cover up the jihad nature of their migrant muhajirun guests.


Turkey goes back to the 7th century

DEAD silence from Europe and the US, but Imagine the moral outrage and outcry if it was Israel instead of Turkey.

Turkey: Motion ‘protecting child marriage’ draws debate

A government proposal to quash the convictions of men convicted of child sex assaults if they marry their victim has sparked furious debate in Turkey, with critics accusing it of encouraging child rape and the ruling party insisting it will protect those who were too young to marry legally.


Why is Obama flooding America with Muslims Australia won’t even take in ?

This is another example of the lie that we are a free country and have any rights.

These globalists destroyers of Judaeo-Christian western civilization like Jihad Hussein Obama do whatever they want even if a majority of American people are against it !


U.S. officials arrive in Australia to begin assessing asylum seekers

Many of asylum seekers at the camps are Muslims who have fled conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
“Officials from Homeland Security are in Australia right now in fact and they will be going to Nauru shortly,” Turnbull said on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Lima, Peru.

Poorly vetted Muslims are being flooded into America for one reason and it’s not a good one.  Look at Europe and you have your reason why our own treasonous government is doing this.


What many people including migrants  Muslim muhajirun stop getting their benefits in their account will do, burn it all down.


Australia bank fire started by Myanmar asylum seeker

It was reported that his benefits had not been in his account when he tried to withdraw them on Wednesday.


The religion of many pieces

Shelling of market in Muslim Yemeni city by fellow Muslims kills more than 20 Muslim civilians, MSF says


The one major thing that Islam is bringing to this earth !

Islam brings destruction of the earth

Islam brings destruction of the earth starting with their own countries

Taiz has been one of the worst-hit cities in Yemen’s conflict. Photograph: Anees Mahyoub/Reuters


Satan and Islams War Against Jerusalem

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