America, The Hammer of the Whole Earth

The present delusional slogan we are hearing now;

‘Make America Great Again’

is  nothing more than lies and deception, false hope.                                             For without God we are dust and rubble as an empire and a nation.               The handwriting is on the wall.                                                                                We in America are without God, having chartered our own course towards Sodom and Gomorrah,  and that, it’s end, is what awaits US as a nation.     The hammer of the whole earth is going to get hammered itself.                 There is no stopping it.          

That is the simple and uncomplicated truth. 

Looking at Iraq,  Syria and Yemen today it’s hard to believe that even more destruction is coming to this area of the world. 

America’s very own Jihad H. Obama’s gift of billions in cash to Iran will help make this and Israel’s biggest war ever a reality.



 I will make you an everlasting desolation and your cities will not be inhabited. Then you will know that I am the Lord.  Ezekiel 35

I will make you an everlasting desolation and your cities will not be inhabited. Then you will know that I am the Lord. Ezekiel 35


‘US influence in the Middle East has eroded significantly’


Iran is exploiting the current situation. “They are no longer politically isolated, no crippling sanctions and nor do not feel any threat militarily whatsoever. They’ve succeeded in gaining hegemony, not only in Tehran, but Baghdad, Damascus, in Lebanon, and in Yemen… Challenging Western interests in the region.”

The influence of the not so United States as a superpower in the Middle East has eroded significantly, former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon told the audience at The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday.


Working together to bring about the end of days

Working together to bring about the end of days


Iran’s Final March to the Mediterranean


Sleepy America,

President Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Obama’s evil policies have made Iran’s expansion and growing threat a reality. 

Father of Hamastan, Gaza

Father of Hamastan, Gaza

7 Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the Lord,
Intoxicating all the earth.
The nations have drunk of her wine;
Therefore the nations are going mad.
 Suddenly Babylon has fallen and been broken;
Wail over her!




Iran warns of retaliation if U.S. breaches nuclear deal


Extending U.S. sanctions on Iran for 10 years would breach the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Wednesday, warning that Tehran would retaliate if the sanctions are approved.

“How the hammer of the whole earth Has been cut off and broken!  Jeremiah 50:23

“How the hammer of the whole earth
Has been cut off and broken!
Jeremiah 50:23



The destroyer Obama which the wicked people of America elected twice has done his evil work. 

Now we shall pay in kind (destruction) for it as an even more divided nation which the latest false hope, (of any change for the better) President elect D. Trump will not be able to bring together as a united nation, no matter how hard he or anyone prays for it.

We are in God’s cross-hairs as a nation

On this Thanksgiving day where the idols of materialism and greed have replaced God and great deception abounds here in Sodom and Gomorrah America, it’s overdue for God’s people to come out from this culture of wickedness so that you will not be destroyed with it. Come out from among them says the Lord.


ISRAEL will suffer for placing their trust for peace in security in America Babylon and not the Holy One of Israel.

About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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2 Responses to America, The Hammer of the Whole Earth

  1. Samson7able says:

    Something doesn’t feel right in America Marcel.
    Morally America is a running sewer with the worst of criminals in charge.
    Things are festering and seeping now and no repentance has come about.
    The worship of mammon and materialism is out of control, combined as always with the worship of sex and the flesh in US pagan fashion, from the perverse government offices on down.

    I am watching and praying and waiting to see what The LORD+ will do and what HE+ would have us to do. It cannot continue as is, no matter who is in office in DC. For GOD’S People it is time to return to the Strait and Narrow Way that leads unto Life, and that JESUS said “Few would find”.

    Today was a quiet and prayerful day for us here. Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving for us here. So Thankful for Life in The Beloved SON of GOD+. Hope your day was good Marcel.

    • Amen to that brother.
      Something big and bad is soon to befall to careless and sleeping virgins who chose another way instead of filling their lamps with oil for the coming darkness is what I sense
      It looks like everything is moving faster in free-fall just this past week with everything going on.
      All this while the mad shoppers are distracted by their chief idol Mammon.
      What an abomination we now live in as a nation. I’m reminded of Ezekiel 9 again and how we should be in sorrow mourning as believers.
      Everyday is a day to give thanks to the Lord, yesterday was just another day of greed and covetousness for America built on quicksand.
      Personally I believe Christians who helped to elect Sodomite embracing Trump failed the test God gave them.

      8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

      9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
      Isaiah 55:8-9

      They just proved that they really trusted in the arm of the flesh (their ways) instead of God.
      According to Jeremiah 17:5 they have some serious repenting to do and I would encourage their stubborn hearts not to tarry.

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