Sanctions Against North Korea an Act of War

North Korea’s young leader might take these sanctions the wrong way and see them as the final straw to his rule and lash out “unexpectedly” against his chief enemy and we all know who that is ?

Especially now with so many South Koreans calling for their leader to resign, it makes it even more tempting for little Kim to throw a match into the gassed up and burning masses on the streets of Seoul.

Sanctions led to WW II

Not long after the US applied economic sanctions to Japan they bombed Pearl Harbor which led to World War Two.  Sanctions do not work and sadly those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 

Kim will push back against these sanctions, guaranteed !

Kim will push back against these sanctions, guaranteed !


U.N. Close to Sanctions Deal to Slash North Korea Export Earnings

The U.N. Security Council’s five veto powers are close to approving new sanctions on North Korea to cut the isolated state’s earnings from exports by more than a quarter, principally by targeting its coal exports to China, diplomats said on Friday.



The seeds of civil war in America begin to sprout

The only purpose for this vote recount is to lead an already seriously divided country towards chaos, rioting, civil disturbance, anarchy and civil war.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer announced plans to participate in vote recounts of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan if they take place


Hillary Clinton and the radical revolutionary left and their forces of anarchy and destruction are all in place. They know exactly what they are doing.           With  the lying, corrupt revolutionary media’s help this gaping, festering, infected wound to divided America will not heal.

It’s going to be a bloodbath as are all godless, leftist, communist revolutions.   They could not steal the election so now they will bring chaos and overthrow what is left of America.                                                                                                   This  shall lead to America’s premature death and our subsequent destruction.

Have you prepared for the worst ? 

The four riders   of Revelation 6 are long overdue but they have left the barn

The four riders of Revelation 6 are long overdue but they have left the barn

This divine judgment on America has been held back for some time, but no longer can be. 

September 1984



Don’t be lulled into a false comfort of hope and change under Trump, the war is about to begin !

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I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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