Where Did Tunisian Muslim Terrorist Anis Amri Get His Gun ?

We know how impossible it is in gun free Europe for an average citizen to get a gun and how it’s very easy for Muslim terrorists, especially those being closely watched by the authorities, to get a weapon, any weapons. Makes one wonder and ask questions ?


Who is guarding Europe ?

Please trust us, we know what we are doing dear citizen sheep of Europe and America.

Anis Amri, the KNOWN Tunisian Muslim terrorist whom Germany’s Angela Merkel gave the keys of the city to, where did he get his gun ?

Did they also give him a gun with the key’s ?

Will the culprits in Europe’s criminal leadership give us another cover up, another fake story and try to shut down the media that exposes their malfeasance where they are never held accountable  ? 

Maybe the truth of where a know Muslim terrorist got the gun and who was allowed to roam Germany/Europe freely is too much for the infidel sheep of Europe headed for slaughter to digest ?

My guess is that the corrupt gangsters like Merkel will hide this from the public or lie to us because it would reveal their collusion with these Muslim terrorists where they keep giving them a pass and their gross criminal incompetence in making sure these attacks continue to happen.  

That is why these KNOWN Muslim terrorists are not arrested and are allowed to roam freely.

Only after they attack do they do the investigation they should have done before the attack. 

The globalists in charge of Europe/America/Canada/Australia,New Zealand are as bad as the Muslim terrorists they have knowingly brought into the West.

As we see in Germany, no one is held accountable and they bungle and stumble in feeding us lies and covering up their corruption, malfeasance and crimes in office.

How sad that the majority of people have been so dumbed down for these criminal western leaders to easily get away with their nefarious agenda.   

But for the few whistle blowers and insiders who are tired of the lies of these criminal globalist politicians we would never know the depth and enormity of their  nefarious agenda to destroy the roots of our Judaeo-Christian civilization  by flooding the west with the followers of the religion of all terrorism, Islam.


A far-right leader in Germany knew the suspect in the Christmas market attack was a Tunisian just two hours after the attack – despite police initially arresting a Pakistani man, it has emerged.


Berlin Terror Attack Suspect Shot Dead in Milan

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