Every American Should Be Alarmed

Every America should be alarmed at the corrupt politicians in Washington who are so willing to start another war and send everyone else’s children to fight, and not their own.

Close friends of fellow war monger, Arizona Sen. McCain, Senator Mad Dog Lindsey is ready to throw a rock at Russia after his many failed wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

How about cleaning up your failed mess going into it’s 16th year in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Libya before you make more trouble, low life Lindsey ?


Lindsey Graham dismisses Obama’s ‘pebble’ thrown at Russia: ‘I’m ready to throw a rock’


Every American Should Be Alarmed


More evidence of the great damage President Obama has done in dividing America with his black racist’s who have been given a pass for their hate crimes by him and the Democrats.  America after his 8 years of lawless and criminal rule is a powder keg.


Every American Should Be Alarmed



Chicago torture video: 4 charged with hate crimes, kidnapping

I hold the media responsible for not holding their pathological liar president responsible and the worthless Republicans for not impeaching this reprobate from Chicago.


I’ll bet you didn’t hear about this from the US media 

US troops to fly to Europe this week

It added that outgoing US President Barack Obama had speeded up the operation so that President elect Donald Trump, who has announced he favours closer ties with Russia, could not stop moves to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.


Knowing that Russia sees this as a very real threat, Obama ratchets up tensions  


Every American Should Be Alarmed


America after 8 years of Obama is in extremely serious trouble, and he’s not done yet !

Sen. John McCain: ‘Every American Should Be Alarmed’ by Russian Hacking

Not as much as we should be alarmed at how you politicians and your special interest lobbyist$ have destroyed our Republic’s participatory form of government.

Every American should be alarmed that you were re-elected by the people of Arizona to another term as Senator.

Every America should be alarmed with the out of control, wasteful spending, corruption and unaccountable, undemocratic leadership in Washington.

Ever American should be alarmed at the number of never ending wars that America is involved in and the rise of the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about before leaving office.

Every America should be alarmed at the spineless and worthless Republican opposition who were too cowardly to stand up to Lawless Obama and impeached him early on (Fast&Furious, IRS and 100 other criminal acts to choose from)  in his corrupt, criminal  and unaccountable rule.

Every American should be alarmed at the two-tiered injustice system in America where criminals like Hillary and Bubba Clinton break the law and get away with it with impunity, and the CORRUPTED FBI fails to do it’s job.

Every America should be alarmed at the degree of US bullying, interference and meddling in the affairs of so many sovereign countries.

Every American should be alarmed at the failure of the US Government to protect it’s citizens from illegal immigrant criminals, cyber crimes and Muslim terrorist’s Washington continues to bring into the country after wasting trillions dollars on NSA, DIA, DHS, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and TSA.

Every American should be alarmed at the degree of government spying and targeting of law abiding American citizens while importing Islamic terrorists into the USA and not stopping their Islamic terrorist activities and only “investigating” after their successful attacks as we saw with the  Tsarnev Islamic terrorist brothers bombing the Boston Marathon, the San Bernardino Muslim terrorist couple and the Islamic state terrorist shooter at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, two of which the failed FBI were warned about and did nothing. 

This should greatly alarm all Americans !!!



Facebook refuses to explain why live video of attack wasn’t removed sooner

About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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16 Responses to Every American Should Be Alarmed

  1. Noodles says:

    Would you believe it, Marcel? My next door neighbor here in J’lem, a Jewish “believer”, who has been here for many, many years and even did the Army here, is packing up his belongings and moving back to Babylon/America for good. I refer to him as the poster boy for “lukewarmness” and “worldliness”, amongst other things….


    • Did he tell you why ?
      Is the Lord leading him or is he going on his own ?

      If it’s his own decision, then it is a very bad one, especially now.

      Like a moth being drawn to the flames.
      Lets pray for him, that God’s will be done!

      • Noodles says:

        His exact words : “I’m going back to suck off the teat of Babylon for a while and maybe I’ll come back to Israel in ten years”.

        Doesn’t sound like the Lord to me.

        • presumption – a dangerous habit of those who do not wait upon the Lord in these dark and evil days.
          Ask him if he is ready to face persecution in America as he drinks up the toxic milk from his goddess America Babylon.

          We should pray for him and Gods will, and mercy over him, amen !

          • Noodles says:

            Yes, we’ve been praying for him, and I’m pretty sure he knows about all the pitfalls.

            He says he also wants to take care of his elderly, unbelieving parents….but I get the feeling that that’s just a convenient excuse.

          • For sure that is commendable Thats what the Lord led me to do, look after my mom, and it was not in MY plans to begin with.
            He had to put a harness on this mule and direct me to His will and not my own. So all we can do is pray in love for Gods’ will and blessing to detour him if it is not His will for your brother there.

            I learned in Tiberias, Israel that God IS VERY, VERY GOOD, AN EXPERT AT DOING THIS !!!!

    • I take it that he has made himself Lord AND DOING HIS OWN THING ?

      Like a moth drawn to the flames for judgment that begins at the house of God ?

      Thanks for the video, I agree with him,
      Obama has more dark and dirty evil tricks up his sleeve.
      no ‘early escape’ rapture.

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  3. David Kidd says:

    Lindsay Graham low life? How about scumbag, beezelbub, f*#tard stink box! (sorry) the word exists! Keep up the GREAT WORK Marcel and kudos to John Little as well. U 2 guys are the highlight of my week.

    • He’s a lawyer, explains everything.
      The fact that these wolves are leading the pack tells us how mcuh trouble we are in here in the land of Sodom & Gomorrah.

      Hope you don’t mind on the *#tard, I have a few standards for comments.
      I could have gone on and on with McCains ever american should be alarmed, but hope everyone got the message.

      A greater threat than the Russians are the corrupt cabal in Washington who are doing everything to destroy what is left.

      Thanks for the kudo’s and your comment David.

  4. Linda Sorci says:

    Indeed! America should be alarmed. But, unfortunately, the indoctrination obtained in our institutions of ‘higher learning’ and the removal of Our God from the public square have all but eradicated any sense of alarm from this nation.

    Come Lord Jesus!

    • How filthy America has become.
      Black Racist have been given a pass as Obama, the Democrats and his Alinsky revolutionaries have planted the seeds of civil war in America.

      May the Lord strengthen you and all of us for what is coming upon this reprobate nation now at the door of Psalms 9:17.

      • Linda Sorci says:

        Amen, Marcel!

        And listening to all of these pompous narcissistic power-hungry God-haters within the top levels of our government is sickening. This nation is more than deserving of judgment. Our Consolation and our Strength – Jesus! He has the last word!

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