Palestinian Terrorism Authority seek weekend prayers to Satan

Palestinians seek weekend prayers to protest US Embassy move

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — A senior Palestinian official called Tuesday for mosque and church prayers “from Pakistan to Tehran, from Lebanon to Oman” to protest the possible relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to contested Jerusalem.


The Palestinian terrorism leader didn’t mention who or what they were going to pray to ?

That’s because everyone who reads and knows the Word of God understands that He gave


to the Jews forever and ever.

And everyone who has a brain and uses it knows that the greedy Arabs and Muslims already have Mecca as their religion of Islam’s terrorism capitol. The Arabs  also have their respective 22 capitols in their Arab/Muslim countries.

And yet they and most of the nations just refuse to accept that the Jews have every right to their eternal capitol Yerushalayim, all of it.   

So that leaves me without any doubt that they’re all praying to the devil, Satan, haSatan, Lucifer, the dragon, because he is at war with God and the Israel of God, especially against Jerusalem, where Messiah Jesus will return to rule the nations.

God is right every time  and you are wrong as always US, UN, EU Islamic World and all those who resist God’s faithful promise to Abraham and the Jews.

And this brings us and the world to the approaching, final conflict between extremely foolish mankind and his Creator.


The Nations Will Be Judged

“For behold, in those days and at that time,
When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,

I will gather all the nations
And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat.
Then I will enter into judgment with them there
On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,
Whom they have scattered among the nations;
And they have divided up My land.



About Marcel Cousineau

I'm a Christian from Florida, a USAF veteran who stands with Israel by exposing the evil agenda by Satan using the International Community's phony peace process to carve up Israel to unsustainable borders. This will bring much misery and suffering to those nations who work to divide tiny Israel, AND THEIR ONLY CAPITOL JERUSALEM, to Islamic terrorists. See Zechariah 12:3
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6 Responses to Palestinian Terrorism Authority seek weekend prayers to Satan

  1. Noodles says:

    Hi Marcel,

    You know I stand behind your words 100%….I’m sure you remember the old days of just strolling around in Ramallah, like you were strolling around in Miami….those days are gone.

    Came across this fascinating interview with America’s first black secret service agent…I highly recommend it….


    • I always skipped Ramallah, did go into Sechem/Nablus, Josephs Tomb, with the Aaron Pic and his Uzi.
      And while I was at Kibbutz Erez walked into Gaza when all they had were sticks and rock. (that was before the process fool’s call peace process)
      Now that is something I don’t think I shall repeat until Jesus turns into into grazing land for sheep and goats.
      The little dot in front of h made it a bad link.
      Could you give us a report on the highlights of this H&H show for those who do not have the time to listen ?

      Thank you for the video link Noodles, and BTW, John boy ‘horse face’ Kerry is headed to Paris for the ‘Feed Israel to the Sharks Conference January 15th when he should be packing his bags for his long overdue retirement.

      Can’t wait until God flushes them down, down, down.

  2. Samson7able says:

    This is ridiculous! Calling for the whole world to “pray” for the evil Hamas and Hezbollah plans for Israel??

    Indeed the whole muslim world’s plan for the Jews as given to them by the murdering False prophet mohammad. As you pointed out, “Pray to whom or What?

    This is coming down to a battle of a false little blood thirsty “god”, a created being called satan, and The TRUE and LIVING GOD, The HOLY ONE of Israel.

    The LORD GOD is going to Force the battle! “Come down all you nations”, “come down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat to be threshed”.

    The LORD is going to make a monkey out of the dirty little demon-god allah and the false prophet mohammad and all who follow him as well.

    The PEACE+ of Jerusalem comes from The Right Hand of YHWH and from no where else.

    • Praise God, soon all the world shall know who is God and who is the fraud.
      The crafty serpent running out of time and the appointment of the nations and his doomed followers is rapidly approaching.
      Thanks for the comment, God bless you brother.

  3. Linda Sorci says:

    The blindness/stubborn defiance is astonishing! Do they really believe that if they take away the city where the One True Living God has placed His Name that they will blot Him out? Utter pride/defiance/stubbornness/foolishness!

    • Only 1 conclusion, They have chosen to serve Satan and his agenda against Jerusalem and Israel.

      As always the majority are wrong.

      The herd is headed off the cliff and no matter how loud we yell to warn them, they merrily head to their self imposed destruction.

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