Philippines Declares National Bible Month

There was a time when we could see something like this happening in the USA, but no more.

Today in dopes and changed America only darkness, evil, violence and perversity diversity is acceptable as the Bible has fallen into great reproach from the wicked.   

All we see being elevated on the high pedestal in America now are every form of nation destroying perversity and sodomy. The months, gay shame marches, and the country have been given over to the reprobates.

It’s encouraging to see someone who understands the importance of the Light of truth, God’s Word, to fight against the encroaching darkness everywhere on rebel planet earth.

It’s also encouraging to see that President Duterte focused his people on the Bible, and not the powerless, dead religion of Paganized, apostate Catholicism that has so many Philippinos deceived and enslaved to lying idols.

Serve Jesus Christ and not a dead and corrupt religion!

It’s truly amazing what faith filled, praying believers can accomplish

Philippines: Duterte Announces ‘National Bible Month’


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has previously told Filipinos not to believe in religions especially the Catholic Church, has declared January “National Bible Month.”


Israel will have to defeat, erase, wipe out Hamas in the coming war

This time Israel will have to hang up the phone when the EU, UN, UK and the other friends of Hamas call to rescue Hamas from certain defeat

Israel by allowing Washington to restrain them have been nuts to allow Hamas to grow into the threat that it is today !


Palestinians demand release of bodies of those killed over alleged attacks

Israel should be generous and kind and return the Palestinian bodies wrapped in warm pig skin to keep the cold dead martyrs of Satan warm. 


Muslims killing fellow Muslims, every day.

What fools call this religion honorable ? Respectable ? 

UAE confirms five officials killed in Afghan attack

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