Islam’s Saeb Erekat Master of Taqiyya and Deceit

If you view the fakepeace jihad/war against Israel as Palestinians vs. Israel then you have been deceived. This is Islam’s war against Israel and the ‘infidel’  Jews who are not under Islam’s evil, totalitarian submission plain and simple.

You see they have to retake all of Israel in order for Islam to not be exposed as the lie that it is.

So there will never be any real peace between Islam and Israel. One of them will have to disappear forever. The fraud, ISLAM, will be exposed to the world and be no more and the truth of the Living God that is Israel  will remain forever.

Only then will Arab and Arab and Arab and Jew live side by side in true and lasting peace, and only the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob can accomplish this great work.

If allah is really their big god and the false prophet Mohammed their true messenger then how is it that infidel Israel came into being on land once under Islamic domination, and how is it that Muslim Arabs have lost every war to retake this no longer Islamic dominated land of Israel ?

Did their allah go on a permanent vacation or is Mohammed just another of many false prophets ? 

Saeb Erekat Master of Deceit
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What is amazing to me are all the deceived people on this earth who have been brainwashed by a perverse global media and corrupt governments to not see this blaring, in your face reality of evil Islam at work against those who will not submit to the evil and darkness that Islam proves itself to be every day. 


Palestinians ISLAM threaten consequences if US embassy moves to Jerusalem


Senior PLO taqiyya official Saeb Erekat threatened on Monday that the Palestinians will revoke recognition of the State of Israel which we have truly never recognized in the first place and seek to have Israel suspended from the UN our anti-Israel Islamic conquest front organization if the United States moves its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

During the interview, Erekat pointed the finger at the Israeli government saying, “The Israeli government is aligning itself with the most extreme, white supremacist, nationalist, populist parties in Europe and the United States against Arabs and Muslims who have always been the chief extremists, terrorists and supremacists. We are always threatening and lying to everyone to overthrow good; these people (Israel) are not inciting war against the dark and sinister values and concepts of Arabs and Muslims who can not even live in peace among themselves. We extremely hate filled and intolerant Palestinians are the ones who religiously practice violence and terrorism.

To paint ourselves as victims of Israel even thought we are the tip of the Islamic spear  against infidel Jews was very easy to do with the help of the compliant global media ruled by our god Satan. 

Witness the division between we Palestinians with Hamas and Fatah divided unto death. This is the outcome when evil rules over a people and their false religion of violence, lies, intolerance and hate.  

We Palestinians are inciting every form of evil, terrorism,  jihad and war as we have from the beginning. As you can see now, we Muslim Arabs are at war between ourselves in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Turkey and Afghanistan  because war is the god of all good Muslims.

We will never make true peace with infidel Jews and will use the fakepeace to destroy Israel which as been out Islamic agenda from the beginning.

This is the translation of master deceiver Saeb Erekat with his crafty Islamic Palestinian Taqiyya from all lies to the bare, uncovered truth.


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